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Sunday, December 5, 2010

One Cat's Journey Part II

So, we left off accomplishing what I thought to be the most difficult hurdle, getting Nick off the PTS (put to sleep) list and adopted. We accomplished all of this in a couple hours with the cooperation of shelter employee Jen Reese,who actually knew Nick.
By 12 noon on Thursday,Nick had a home.

The transport was our next obstacle. Jackie Meyers contacted Julie Morris at the ASPCA, who then reached out to Jane Hoffman of the Mayor's Alliance http://www.AnimalAllianceNYC.org.

Keep in mind during these times, Facebook postings, tweets and phone calls were flying across the Eastern seaboard from Alabama to NYC. People pulled together by one unifying goal, to save animals from premature death. Hilary Brown with here list serv had volunteers lined up to drive Nick as well. By Thursday evening, Nicks transport was secured and he would be removed from the shelter on Friday to go to another veterinarians office overnight. Saturday ,Patrick McGuire a volunteer driver for the Mayors Alliance would bring Nick to his new home.

Nick arrived 4:30 pm on the dot. I met Patrick's van at my hospital's parking lot(Henrietta Animal Hospital)www.henriettahosp.com. Patrick said that he had good news. He was not blind!! I quickly assessed Nick's condition and he looked in great shape. Rather than have him spend another night in a cage I opted to bring home.

Once inside my home we opened his cage door and out strolled Nick a gorgeous black and white tuxedo cat. He was purring and has never stopped. Nick ambled over to one of 3 dogs and in classic cat fashion totally ignored him!! He never once hissed or growled, which is amazing considering the trauma he has endured.

Nick spent last night and will spend every other night of his life on my bed. Welcome home Nick, here's to you and a long life.


  1. u have a mistake in ur hospital link:
    here is the correct one:

  2. U are wonderfull for saving him, may u be forever blessed, urs: Mariam Jalloh <3

  3. You are indeed a true pet lover witha HUGE heart.
    Nick/Mick is one lucky kitty to have found you.
    Thank you for giving this wonderful boy a forever home.
    You are to be commended.