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Sunday, January 2, 2011

This Veterinarian's Wish for 2011


For many years I made resolutions every New Year...some good, some not so good, some foolish, some selfish and most never realized. This year I'm trying something different. I'm setting a goal for myself and my network of pet advocate friends and colleagues. Let us unite with a few goals that are reasonable and achievable. I wish I could ask that all abandoned and surrendered pets would find happy homes for the rest of their lives. But that's just not realistic. As long as the pet population continues to explode, the number of unwanted pets and those meeting early euthanasia will continue to grow. I am suggesting that all of my pet advocate friends, colleagues (and their friends and colleagues)utilize this miracle called the Internet. Together I propose we work under the guidance of The Pets in Need Clinic™ http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=64388521952 which can serve multiple purposes.

1) .Provide low cost spay/neuters and routine veterinary care to people with pets in financial crisis.

2) . Establish a Pets in Need Clinic Shelter Partners™ . Groups or individuals must meet our standard levels of care for their facility and care of their pets may join our network. This will allow the Pets in Need Clinic Shelter Partners™ to serve as a clearing house to unite prospective owners with available pets.

3). Unite pet owners with veterinarians who are Pets in Need Clinic Veterinary Partners for ongoing medical help. We are here to serve those with pets that experienced a recent crisis which includes those recently unemployed, disabled or returning veterans of the US Armed Forces.

A vital goal making a dent in all the existing intact male and female dogs and cats from this day forward. I am asking that veterinarians align with "legitimate" rescue organizations as we have in the past and as many are doing now and pledge t0:

4) offer low cost spay/neuter to "qualified" individuals. By qualified I am proposing that people who meet the guidelines I established for my Pets in Need Clinic™. Individuals with a cat or dog must have experienced recent financial crisis ie. unemployment, injury,medical illness etc. Applications must have a referral from a social worker, case worker , minister/rabbi etc. A board will review and approve these applications. There will be a fee charged to the owners which will be based on their financial situation. No one that meets our criteria will be turned away

5) veterinarians may offer free spay/neuter(s) to their choice of rescue organizations to animals awaiting adoptions. Veterinarians can offer as many or as few as they wish. The goal is to take some of the financial burden off of smaller rescue groups(those screened by Pets in Need Clinic Shelter Partners™). We are not in existence to offer these services to illegitimate rescue organizations. ie.puppy mills posing as rescue organizations.. Currently, there is no federal or even intrastate legislation to oversee and monitor these people. Which leads me to our final goal

6) Bring about state and federal legislation to govern all organizations that deem themselves rescue or shelters. We need unifying legislation to see that all those who work as a rescue or shelter be open to inspection of their facilities, records, intake and adoptions numbers, veterinary medical policies etc. This last hurdle is a lifetime goal I want to see in place within 5 years.

So how about it? Join me and The Pets in Need Clinic™ to make a difference by alleviating the suffering of our companion friends. After all, we are their caretakers are we not?

Michelle Brownstein DVM



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