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Friday, December 17, 2010

One Cat's Journey Part III

So our newly renamed shelter kitty, Mick has made himself quite at home. When he arrived on a frigid Saturday almost 2 weeks ago, he strolled out of his carrier surveyed his new home and moved right in...He never hissed once at his other feline companions Buzz, Princess or Kittlins..however he has been a tad indignant with food mongering dogs and given two of them whacks on the snouts.

I look at him daily and wonder where he came from, who had he lived with for 10 or more years and what circumstances drove his human caretaker to leave him at an animal shelter with his almost guaranteed option of death?? It breaks my heart daily to see the faces of dogs and cats, old and young, being put to sleep all over the United States. Shelters are impacted by budget cuts which lead them to euthanize more and more healthy animals and those with curable medical conditions. Overcrowding,m pet overpopulation and the economic down turn in the US has lead to record surrenders of pets at all kinds of shelters:private, county and municipal. The best a pet can hope for is to get into a no kill shelter (a legitimate no kill I must emphasize) and wait until they find a home.

I am imploring all pet owners who cannot utilize resources to maintain their family pet..please work diligently to find them a home with a family member a friend or a no kill shelter. Please know that the companion you loved, if left at anything but a no kill shelter has a limited chance for adoption, despite massive and heroic networks that work furiously to place them. Mick was a one in a million lucky shot for all involved. Please contact your veterinarian or links on my website www.henriettahosp.com that can help you find placement for your companion that will not end in death. In addition you can find resources for food and medical care to help you during these hard times.


  1. We gotta cheer for your and everyones efforts to save Nick. Bravo!

    We're hoping Mick has a long and comfortable life ahead of him.

  2. You're so wonderful for doing this! Really glad that Mick has found his Forever Home with you during what must have been his darkest days.

    ~5-Cat Style

  3. What a heart warming story. We are so glad you cared enough to adopt Mick and give him a great home. Bless you!